Priyansh Garg Wins the Texas August Scholarship Event (K-12 Blitz)

Priyansh Garg, a student of Chess Gaja, participated in a couple of USCF rated tournaments – Texas August Scholarship Event (K-12 Blitz) and Texas August Scholarship Event (K-12 Championship).

Priyansh Garg chess

At the end of the blitz tournament, he stood first as the sole leader, scoring 4 points out of 5, only losing one match against Logan C Shafer (USCF Blitz – 1446). With this event, he also achieved an official USCF blitz rating of 1494!

On the other hand, he came fifth in the K-12 Championship, scoring 3 points out of 5. He started this event with a USCF rating of 1575 and ended the event with 1598, gaining 23 points in a single tournament! He also won against higher-rated Logan C Shafer (USCF – 1669). He only lost two matches against Elbert Fang (USCF – 1734) and Yang Bai (USCF – 1743).

Chess Gaja congratulates Priyansh and wishes him the best for his upcoming tournaments!

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