Results of September 2021 Academy Tournament

Chess Gaja academy hosted an internal academy tournament for its students on September 11, 2021, and we now have the results from the event!

The tournament was scheduled at 11 pm IST. The tournament was held in arena format for 1 hour, and the time control was 5 minutes + 2 seconds increment.

The academy event was held in the Lichess team – Chess Gaja Academy, an exclusive group for the academy students. We will be having all our academy activities in the future.

Our founder Grandmaster Priyadharshan participated in the event to give high-level game practice to the academy students. In the process, he won all his games in both tournaments and finished 1st in the rankings on both events.

In the event, Anish scored 12 points and won the tournament. He was followed by Adithya, who scored 8 points. The 3rd place was taken by Grandmaster Priyadarshan, who never lost a game and scored 4 points.

These events are held generally on the 2nd Saturday of a month, and our academy students from 12+ countries get to test their knowledge by competing among themselves, and GM Priyadarshan also regularly joins these events to give the students a chance to play against a Grandmaster!

Congrats to all the winners and participants of our September academy tournament! If you are taking classes in the academy and would like to participate in these activities, please fill out this form – and then send a JOIN request on the Chess Gaja Academy Lichess page.

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