Combined Tournament for Singaporean and Malaysian Batches

A combined tournament was held exclusively for Chess Gaja students from Singapore and Malaysia on October 15, 2021. Thirty-one students participated in the 5+2 blitz tournament.

The tournament was won by Vairavan, winning nine out of ten games and scoring an impressive 18 points. He had a performance rating of 1670. The only game he lost was against raghav08sc who came second in the tournament. He won six out of seven games and scored 12 points. He had a performance rating of 1528. KeshavSwaminathan came third in the tournament, winning six out of eight games and scoring 12 points. He had a performance rating of 1493. It should also be noted that aravvind and saixmaster also scored 12 points but missed out on the podium due to tiebreaks.

Here, you can see the top 10 of the tournament.

Chess Gaja congratulates all the students and wishes them the best for future tournaments!

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