Mihika Krishnan Scores 3/3 In November Chess Flurry!

The November Chess Flurry was organized in Houston, Texan on 20 November 2021. Two Chess Gaja students participated in the tournament in the Middle and Lower section. The results can be checked here.

Anish Krishnan participated in the Middle section and came eleventh. He played really well, scoring 1.5/3, drawing against the player who came second – Roland Gonzales (USCF 1779). His rating increased from 1591 to 1598.

Mihika Krishnan participated in the Lower section and came second! She played extremely well, achieving a perfect score of 3/3 by winning all her games! Her rating increased by 112 points, going from 1220 to 1332 in a single tournament.

Chess Gaja congratulates all the students and wishes them the best for future tournaments.

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