602 rating point gain by Saatvik Agarwal!

Saatvik Agarwal of ChessGaja participated in the following tournaments had some fantastic performances to increase his USCF rating by 602 points.
– Sunday Swiss was held on January 30, 2022, in Carrollton, Texas, USA
NTCA 10TH MLK, JR SCHOLASTIC (TX) was held on January 17, 2022, in Carrollton, Texas, USA
ARLINGTON CHESS CLUB OPEN 60 (TX) was held on January 8, 2022, in Arlington, Texas, USA

Saatvik tested his skills against players much stronger than his level in all these events and played some extraordinary chess to push his rating from 364 to 966.

Saatvik Agarwal

Following are the results from the tournaments:

Saatvik Agarwal is coached by coach Ganesh Rajavelu since January 2022 in the academy. We are happy at Chess Gaja to see such amazing performances from our students!

We wish him the best of luck in all his upcoming events.

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“Every chess master was once a beginner.” – Irving Chernev

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