Sahithi wins Chess Championship (Lone Star U-1600 )

The Lone Star Open Championship 2022 was held in Houston, Texas, from March 18-20, 2022. Some of our Chess Gaja Students participated in the tournament, and we had one of our students win the Section outright!

Our Chess Gaja Student Sahithi Kommuri played extraordinarily U-1600 Section and scored a perfect 5/5 points in the tournament. She won a cash prize of 850$. Her performance earned her 55 rating points which made her cross the 1600 USCF rating for the first time.

Vijay Anandh, who played the Open Section, had a challenging competition with the opponents. He won a game against a higher rated player, David Luscomb rated 2045; he finished with a score of 1.5/5.

Anish Krishnan played in the U-2000 section and had a tough tournament, and he ended up scoring 1.5/5.

Mihika Krishnan played in the U-1800 section and won the fifth round game with a higher rated opponent Gael Guerra rated 1449. She scored 2.5/5 and gained 14 rating points for her performance.

We wish everyone the best for all the upcoming tournaments.

Chess Gaja is happy to see strong performances from our students from different countries. If you are a Chess Gaja student and would like your performance to be published in our blogs, please email us the tournament details and your performance with a picture to [email protected]

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