Strong Performance in T H Rogers Tournament in Houston

Nivaan and Rishaan with chess Trophy

Two of our Chess Gaja students played fantastic chess in the T H ROGERS TOURNAMENT held on April 23, 2022, in Houston, Texas, USA. The tournament had multiple sections, and we have the results in this article!

Nivaan scored 3/4 in the tournament in the 100 K-12 1240-1740 G/40 section, and the loss was against the runner up of the tournament Pratham Uchila(1562).

Nivaan’s performance increased his rating from 1255 to 1370. Nivaan has been rapidly improving and only recently he had gained 182 rating points in another event!

Nivaan with the trophy!

Rishaan scored 4/5 points in the tournament in the 300 K-12 830-1064 section with two wins in hand and two games drawn. 

Notably, one of the drawn matches was against the tournament’s winner Micheal Zeng.

We are so glad to see Rishaan’s rating has increased from 997 to 1102.

Rishaan with his tournament trophy

Congratulations and All the best for their future achievements from the Chess Gaja Team.

We are so proud of our student’s achievements, and we encourage our students in various ways, including posting their achievements on our blog.

If you are a Chess Gaja student and would like your performance to be posted on our blog, please email us the tournament details and your performance details with pictures to [email protected]

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