Upcoming Chess Tournaments in Malaysia – November 2022: A Simple Guide

The Malaysian Chess Federation conducts various tournaments throughout the year. Chess Gaja Malaysian students can find the tournament details for the month of November 2022.


Location: Langkawi

Date: November 12 – 13, 2022

Information Link: https://ratings.fide.com/tournament_details.phtml?event=298830

3rd Sunway Chess Championship 2022

Location: Bandar Sunway

Date: November 27, 2022

Information Link: https://ratings.fide.com/tournament_details.phtml?event=304259

 National States Championship 2022

Location: Kota Kinabalu

Date: November 22 – 24, 2022

Information Link: https://ratings.fide.com/tournament_details.phtml?event=305861

Penang Age Group Chess Championship 2022

Location: Udini Square, Ground Floor

Dates: U7B/G — 30 Oct (Sun)

U9B/G — 6 Nov (Sun)

U11B/G — 20 Nov (Sun)

U13B/G — 27 Nov (Sun)

U17B/G — 4 Dec (Sun)

Information Link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScUxypFJCDrdhWgRD0Dtt0Xv2f9KtyFtF3tApBT5WpDb5JF1Q/viewform

Arbiter Training / Chess Rules Training For Public

Location: Udini Square, 1st Floor

Dates: 6, 20, 27 Nov, 2022 

Information Link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdPgRkJlKygm8vR6wnM-ngGhK3IehfjbSmkiIGZqCDO5VYE8g/viewform

All the best for the upcoming tournaments from Chess Gaja.

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