Upcoming UK Chess Tournaments – January 2023: A Simple Guide

English Chess Federation conducts various tournaments throughout the year. England Chess Gaja students can find the link for the tournament details for January 2023.

Shropshire Chess Congress 

Location:  The Wrekin Housing Group

Date: 6 January 2023

Information Link: https://www.shropshirechess.org/shropshire-congress/shropshire-congress-online-entry/

4NCL Rounds 3 and 4 

Location: Daventry Court Hotel

Date:  January 2023 — 8 January, 2023

Information Link:  https://www.englishchess.org.uk/event-calendar/#event=72120575;instance=20230107000000?popup=1

Caplin Hastings 38th Weekend Congress 

Location: Horntye Park Sports Complex

Date: 7 January 2023

Information Link: https://britchess.wufoo.com/cabinet/065d98dc-ed33-4449-952c-5d4838e1e7a9

5th Somerset New Year Congress 

Location: Walton Park Hotel

Date: 14 January 2023

Information Link: https://www.cognitoforms.com/Chess4U1/_5thSomersetNewYearCongress

Maidenhead Junior Tournament

Location: Claires Court Junior Boys School

Date: 14 January 2023

Information Link:  https://britchess.wufoo.com/cabinet/2c2d5b17-0178-48ea-8176-168c459df72f

Hull Rapid 2023

Location: Canham Turner Conference Centre

Date: 15 January 2023

Information Link:  https://www.englishchess.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2022/10/Hull-Rapid-Play-2023-v1.0.pdf

Lothians Allegro 

Location: Bainfield Bowling & Social Club

Date: 15 January 2023

Information Link:   http://congress.popmalc.org.uk/congress/232/home

Montague GM Norm 

Location:  Montague on the Gardens

Date: 18 January 2023 

Information Link: https://www.englishchess.org.uk/event-calendar/#event=75341835;instance=20230118190000?popup=1

29th 4NCL Congress 

Location: The Old Swan Hotel, Swan Road

Date: 20 January, 2023 

Information Link: https://www.englishchess.org.uk/event-calendar/#event=72967893;instance=20230120190000?popup=1

Castle Chess 20th Fareham Congress 

Location:  The Lysses House Hotel

Date: 20 January 2023 

Information Link:  https://britchess.wufoo.com/cabinet/6bf74a23-4538-45c7-a8da-316a02db8d35

London FIDE Congres

Location: The Montague on the Gardens

Date: 20 January 2023 

Information Link: https://www.englishchess.org.uk/event-calendar/#event=74449737;instance=20230120190000?popup=1

2023 Kenilworth Junior Open

Location: Kenilworth School & Sports College

Date: 21 January, 2023 

Information Link: http://kenilworthjunioropen.warwickshirechess.org/

EACU Closed Championships

Location: The Turner Hall

Date: 21 January 2023 

Information Link:  http://www.adrianelwin.co.uk/EACUCongress/ClosedCongress.html

Newham Junior Grand Prix

Location: Gallions Primary School

Date: 21 January 2023 

Information Link: https://www.newhamjuniorchess.org/grand-prix

Wey Valley Surrey New Year Squad Selection Event 

Location: Therfield School

Date: 22 January, 2023

Information Link:  https://chessentriesforall.com/home/upcoming-events/

West London Chess Academy 

Location: West London Chess Academy

Date: 22 January, 2023 

Information Link:  https://watfordchessclub.org/

Ealing FIDE Congress

Location: The Old Actonians Club

Date: 28 January, 2023

Information Link:  https://londonchesscongresss.godaddysites.com/ealing-fide-congress

Under 9 Jamboree 

Location: Orleans Park School

Date: 28 January, 2023 

Information Link:  https://www.englishchess.org.uk/event-calendar/#event=74850462;instance=20230128140000?popup=1

Colchester Junior Chess Event 

Location:  Prettygate Junior School

Date:  29 January 2023

Information Link: https://www.colchesterjrchess.org/chess-event

All the information are taken from their official website: https://www.englishchess.org.uk/event-calendar/

All the best for the upcoming tournaments from Chess Gaja.

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