Upcoming Canada Chess Tournaments – February 2023: A Simple Guide

Canada Chess Federation conducts various tournaments throughout the year. Canada Chess Gaja students can find the link for tournament details for February 2023 here.

Excelsior February Open

Location: Etobicoke, ON

Date: Feb 3-5

Information Link: https://excelsiorchessclub.ca/our-tournaments/2023-excelsior-february-open/

PEI Reserves (U1700) Open

Location: Charlottetown, PE

Date: Feb 5

Information Link: https://mcc.devastation.ca/peirs23.html

EMC February IM Norm Tournament

Location: Mississauga, ON

Date: Feb 8-12

Information Link: https://elevatemychess.com/norm/

EMC Mississauga Winter Open CC

Location: Mississauga, ON

Date: Feb 10-12

Information Link: https://elevatemychess.com/tournament/

Tournoi d’échecs du Carnaval

Location: Quebec City, QC

Date: Feb 10-12

Information Link: https://www.fqechecs.qc.ca/vue/clubs/content.php?Id=14767

Markham Kids Tournament

Location: Markham, ON

Date: Feb 12

Information Link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/19SUVhPKWpn2K4-an9ysrVHOaZLTzdNmmHVVtEBAiuoo/viewform

Calgary Grand Prix Leg 2

Location: Calgary, AB

Date: Feb 14-Mar 14

Information Link: https://www.calgarychess.com/events#content

BC Open

Location: Richmond, BC

Date: Richmond, BC

Information Link: http://bcopenchess.pbworks.com/w/page/7082404/FrontPage

CYCC Qualifier – NYYCC1

Location: North York, ON

Date: Feb 18

Information Link: https://senecahillchess.com/

Excelsior February Junior Championship

Location:  Etobicoke, ON

Date: Feb 18

Information Link: https://excelsiorchessclub.ca/our-tournaments/2023-excelsior-february-juniors-championship/

Hart House Reading Week

Location: Toronto, ON

Date: Feb 18-20

Information Link: https://harthousechess.com/2022/10/15/hart-house-reading-week-open-2023/

Forcing Moves First Winter 2 Open

Location: Etobicoke, ON

Date: Feb 25-26

Information Link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1JNAkClnqewfm4u6Ecq0czhVc4Po-e11YjbTGWtiRksE/preview

GEMS Grand Junior Chess Championship

Location: Mississauga, ON

Date: Feb 25

Information Link: https://fraservalleychess.com/fraser-valley-rapid-3-tournament/

Calgary Youth Championship

Location: Calgary, AB

Date: Feb 26

Information Link: https://www.calgaryjuniorchess.com/CJCC/event/event/34787

All the information is taken from the official website https://www.chess.ca/en/

All the very best for upcoming tournaments from Chess Gaja.

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