About Chess Gaja

Gaja in Sanskrit means Elephant. There was also a piece called Gaja in Chaturanga the ancient form of Chess

The idea of Chess Gaja is to create an ecosystem where learning chess is fun and enjoyable.

Chess Gaja was founded by Grand Master and FIDE Trainer Priyadharshan Kannappan so that he can share his knowledge and love for the game with the chess community.


To be the premier chess learning academy, and to create not just world-class chess players but also extraordinary human beings, by using chess as an analytical tool.


To inspire and nourish the human brain to think critically – one person at a time.

Our Values

  • Share the love for the game to students, and instil a lifelong passion for them to the game.
  • Put the needs of the students first and foremost in all situations.
  • Don’t teach but guide the students on the right path.
  • We don’t train the pupils’ mind but show them how to perfect their instruments of knowledge.
  • Be a guide and friend and encourage the student in the learning process.
  • We don’t impart knowledge but show how one can acquire knowledge for themself.

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