Never Withdraw from a Chess Tournament!

Chess Gaja newsletter

Hello everyone, Welcome to the May 2022 Chess Gaja Newsletter, and it’s me, your friend and coach GM, FT Priyadharshan Kannappan. In this month’s blog, I wanted to talk about withdrawing from chess tournaments and why it’s a bad thing to do! There is a prevalent habit that’s particular to the U.S. Chess scenario! That’s […]

Join the May 2022 Group Class with GM Priyadharshan Kannappan

GM Priyadharshan Kannappan - Group Class

We are happy to launch two new group chess class programs with GrandMaster and FIDE Trainer Priyadharshan Kannappan. Monday Group The classes will be conducted on Monday fromĀ 530-630 PM PSTĀ for the rating level of 1600-1900 USCF. There will be 9 sessions in total over a period of 2 months (May & June 2022) Wednesday Group […]