Terms and Conditions for Indian Student Scholarships

  1. The scholarship is applicable only to students who have an active Indian school ID. The student must have a current year ID or provide the student fee receipt for the current year
  2. If you would like to apply for this scholarship send your School ID to our WhatsApp Number +91-9840436019
  3. This scholarship is provided to encourage students in India, as Chess Gaja is an Indian company committed to promoting chess among Indian students.
  4. This scholarship is exclusively for students who are studying in India. For example, if you are studying at an Indian school abroad, you are not eligible for this scholarship.
  5. Chess Gaja reserves the absolute right to withdraw and alter any of the terms & conditions of the scholarship at anytime without prior notice.
  6. Chess Gaja reserves the right to revoke the scholarship at any time if the student fails to comply with the terms and conditions or provides false information.
  7. Personal information collected during the application process will be used solely for scholarship purposes and handled in accordance with our privacy policy.
  8. Chess Gaja reserves the right to select only specific batches of students that meet the eligibility criteria for this scholarship.

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