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Chess Gaja(formerly known as Chess Gyaan) is a leading online chess academy led by Grandmaster Priyadharshan Kannappan. We work with players of all ages and chess levels.

The benefits of learning chess with us

GM Priyadharshan launchess Chess Gaja in the silicon valley of India

Learn from Chess Gaja Expert Team

Varied modes and methods of training for every individual based on their playing strengths and levels

Personal Training

Have 1-1 world-class training sessions from our coaches, where you will get personalized attention, guidance and handholding in every step of your chess journey.

Chess 125 Program

Chess 125 is the perfect balance of personal and group training, where students in groups of 5 train under a coach.​ The sessions would be more interactive with lot of ideas being shared, and you can get the sessions at a lower cost compared to private lessons.

Online Camps

The “TOP TEN” program – This is a 3-month online group and individual training program specifically designed for ambitious and dedicated students who want to excel in the game.

Chess Gaja Online Classroom

A dedicated in-built training platform with top-notch study materials accessible only for the students of Chess Gyaan

Tailor made homeworks

Homework will be provided on a regular basis based on student's level of play

Study schedule

The timetable will be provided on what you should study in your own time and how to study.

Game Analysis

The sessions will primarily focus on improving your middlegame, endgame and analytical knowledge. We will focus very little on your opening knowledge, as it’s not the most important thing for players up to 2200 rating level.

Play Games

Play games online with other Chess Gyaan students and also with trainers. Analyze your games regularly to measure improvement.

Participate in Tournaments

We will help you for tournament preparation and you will also be able join the online tournaments conducted by Chess Gyaan team

Unique training modules

The first few sessions will be spent in understanding your game and playing style and based on that we will create a working plan working on your strengths and weaknesses


For the last 5 years, I have worked under GM Kannappan and thoroughly enjoyed it. With his help, I was able to break 2000 FIDE. His kindness and dedication towards me have helped me grow as a player. GM Kannappan supports his students in any way possible whether it’s preparing for the next round opponent or answering late night questions. He has helped me create a strong repertoire and targeted my weaknesses in each lesson. My tactical play, positional thinking, and endgame skills showed growth over time through my results at tournaments. Our lessons start out with positions that showcase a specific motif or theme then onto top-level games where I apply the specific theme/motif when finding moves that the super grandmasters played. His unique approach and easygoing attitude keep me engaged and passionate about chess. I am very lucky to meet GM Kannappan and I highly recommend him to everyone of all playing strengths.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Still have a question? Reach out to us: [email protected]

I am just starting to learn chess, can I learn from ChessGaja?

Yes, you can learn through us, as we have coaches who cater to every rating level out there, we will find the best-fit coach for your rating level.

How many lessons a week would be the most optimal?

We strongly suggest that you learn minimum 2 hours a week from our trainers and outside of the training you should spend a minimum of 1 hour a day working on your own to see some substantial chess growth in few months.

Why should I start my classes with junior coaches at the start and not right away with a GM if my rating is anywhere below 1500 ?

We strongly believe that the junior coaches can more lucidly explain the concepts and ideas that are faced by the players below U1500 rating level and this way we also ensure that the student gets the most value for the money spent on the training. The moment, the junior coach feels that you have stepped up your game, you will be moved to the next level of training with a stronger coach.

How to schedule classes?

Reach out to us and we will help you schedule the sessions with your favourite instructor.

Validity of 1-1 class payments

The payments you have done for our class packages are valid for 6 months from the date of receipt.

I want to cancel a scheduled class?

You can cancel the scheduled private sessions up to 8 hours before the scheduled start time. Read more about our refund policy here -

Is online sessions as beneficial as in-person lessons?

Majority of modern-day chess training happens online, and there are a lot of benefits of having online sessions like 1)Convenience 2)Flexibility in timing 3)Distance not an issue 4)Advanced tools and annotations that can be shown on a digital board, which is not possible on a physical board. We believe online sessions are equally or even better than in-person sessions

Still have a question? Reach out to us: [email protected]

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