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Our goal is to provide novice chess enthusiasts with a central hub for accessing essential information, tips, and articles to help them grasp the basics of chess

Chess Terms

Chess terms are specialized words used to describe different aspects of the game, including moves, strategies, positions, and concepts, facilitating communication among players.

Chess Articles

Take a look at our newly organized blogs section, featuring a dedicated beginner’s chess guide, an adult-oriented chess guide, and GM Priyadharshan’s blog. Explore with ease and gain valuable insights into the world of chess.

Chess Tips

This section is designed to assist chess students with valuable tips and tricks from Grandmasters to enhance their chess skills.

Chess for Beginners

This resource aims to support absolute beginners in their journey to learn chess effectively.

Chess Websites

This section provides a compilation of websites beneficial for chess enthusiasts, offering access to chess news, live tournaments, and more.

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"Every chess Master was once a Beginner" - Irving Chernev
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