We are Hiring

We are currently looking for coaches, with the following requirements
Fluent in English
Passionate about teaching chess
Passionate about working with young kids
Expert in Technology (Skype, Zoom, Google Sheets, Lichess.org, Chessbase etc.)
Active Internet Connection (20+Mbps) and Desktop/Laptop with a webcam is must
Committed, sincere, flexible and willing to learn

We are building a team

Please submit your resume along with a video demonstrating your chess teaching skills in English. If you do not have an existing clip, please create an 8-10 minute video on the topic of "PIN" in English with your video turned on, and email it to careers@chessgaja.com.

Note: If you are not a coach, but you are passionate about chess and would like to be part of our organization, reach out to us, and we will see how we can design a role for you in our team!

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"Every chess Master was once a Beginner" - Irving Chernev


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