1-1 Classes

We offer personalized 1-on-1 chess training tailored to your specific goals and skill level, available globally.

NOTE: For students in India – We currently offer group classes to support your learning needs. Stay tuned for 1-1 class updates!

Why Choose Our 1-on-1 Coaching?

Dedicated Instruction

Receive undivided attention from your coach, ensuring your progress is constantly monitored and optimized.

Tailored Learning

Get a curriculum crafted specifically for your needs and aspirations, maximizing your learning efficiency.

Flexible Scheduling

Design a training schedule that fits your busy lifestyle and learning pace.


Learn from the best! Our FIDE-rated coaches offer valuable insights and proven strategies. and our academy is proud to feature numerous titled coaches.

How to Sign Up for the 1-1 classes?

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"Every chess Master was once a Beginner" - Irving Chernev


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