Chess Curriculum: Master the Game with ChessGaja

  • Structured curriculum  designed by GrandMaster Priyadharshan. 
  • Our comprehensive program has three levels: Beginner, Intermediate , and Advanced.  (0 – 600 rating level)
  • For ratings above 600, we implement a personalized approach.

Beginner Level

Rating Range (0-200)

(It will take approximately 35 classes to complete the Beginner level)


The beginner chess syllabus is designed for anyone who is interested in learning how to play chess or improving their understanding of the game. It’s an excellent starting point for individuals of various backgrounds and age groups

Board Setup | Piece Position, Movement, Value | Basic Rules | Notation and Score Sheet Writing | Capture and Exchange | Check and Defence | Checkmates | Stalemates | Castling | Pawn Promotion | Enpassant | Attack and Defence | Mating with Queen | Mating with Rook | Checkmates in 1 & 2 moves | Starting the Game | Tactics – Pin, Fork, double attack, Skewer, Discovered Attacks, Double Checks and Deflection & Decoy | Basic Opening Traps

Completing the beginner chess level will equip the student with a well-rounded grasp of chess, covering international rules, elementary tactics, strategies for endgames, and fundamental opening concepts.

It offers a structured path for acquiring the fundamental knowledge and skills necessary to play chess effectively. Coaching sessions introduce basic tactics, basic openings (how to start a game), and endgame concepts, which students can readily apply in their games.

Intermediate Level

Rating Range (200-400)

(It will take approximately 35 classes to complete the Intermediate level)


The players who have completed the beginner level or has the knowledge of lessons covered in Beginner level.

Back rank checkmate | Checkmate in 3 moves & 4 moves | Tactics – Attraction, Interference, Trapping Pieces, Removing the Defender | Center Control  Development of Pieces | Placing Pieces on Good Squares | Pawn Structures from Openings | Under Promotion |Pawn Breaks |Basic king and pawn endgames | Bishop and Knight Endgames.

Upon completing the Intermediate level, students will have developed a fundamental understanding of endgame principles, been introduced to opening theory, and improved their grasp of various tactics. With these foundational skills in place, they are well-prepared to advance to the next level where they will delve into more advanced tactics and strategies.

Having established a solid foundation in earlier levels, students are now well-prepared to delve into intricate tactics and strategies, setting the stage for advanced game mastery. Theoretical endgame and opening theories will be thoroughly covered, with practical application in tournament sessions. This level provides students with a more comprehensive understanding of chess, positioning them to consistently participate in local tournaments upon successful completion.

Advanced Level

Rating Range (400-600)

(It will take approximately 35 classes to complete the Advanced level)


The player who completed the intermediate level or has the knowledge of concepts covered in Intermediate level.

Rook endgames | Basic rook vs Pawn endgames | Opening In Depth | Queen vs Pawn endgames | Open Center | Closed Center | Playing through Short and Master games |Winning Endgames | Advanced Attacking Concepts.

Upon completing the Advanced level, students will have acquired the skills to effectively implement middle and endgame strategies, greatly enhancing their chances of winning games. They will approach opponents with confidence, and their progress can be easily tracked by assessing the results of the tournaments they participate in.

The primary goal of the Advanced Chess level is to elevate students to a professional standard of play. This exclusive curriculum is designed to empower students with an in-depth understanding of the game. To enhance their knowledge, particularly in the middle and endgame, advanced endgame and middle game concepts will be comprehensively covered in this level. Students will have the opportunity to learn through playing short and master games, gaining valuable practical experience. Upon completing this level, students will be well-prepared to participate in rated tournaments and take their first steps toward earning a FIDE rating, marking a significant milestone in their chess journey.

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"Every chess Master was once a Beginner" - Irving Chernev


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