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The service is aimed at providing professional management services for elite chess players. Our primary objective is to equip chess players with the resources and expertise to enhance their performance and enable them to achieve their maximum potential.
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Empowering chess players to excel in their game and build a successful career through comprehensive management

Our Story

Priyadharshan Kannappan, a GrandMaster and FIDE trainer with corporate experience, saw that young talented chess players struggle to find sponsorships and endorsements, hindering their progress in the game. Chess Gaja's Chess Player Management Vertical addresses this issue by providing comprehensive management services that are tailored to the unique needs of each player, including representation, coaching, and guidance.
The goal is to empower players to reach their full potential both on and off the board by building a strong support team for securing sponsorships, personal branding, scheduling, and professional management services

Our Expertise

Brand Building

Establishing a strong brand through an active social media presence is essential for individuals and organizations to stand out in today's digital age. We can help players create high-quality content, positioning themselves as industry leaders to attract potential sponsors, collaborators, and fans.

Player Management

With so many online and offline tournaments available, chess players can feel overwhelmed keeping track of rules, regulations, and contracts. Our player management service takes care of all legal and administrative aspects of tournament participation, from navigating contracts to ensuring all necessary paperwork is in order. Our aim is to alleviate the administrative burden, allowing players to focus on their game. We also help players negotiate fees and find tournaments that align with their goals, recognizing the importance of fair compensation.


Staying current on sports industry trends is crucial for optimizing performance. At Chess Gaja, we analyze industry trends with a data-driven approach to help our clients achieve their goals. Our experts provide feedback to improve performance based on the latest developments.

Sponsorship Management

Our team secures financial support for players through sponsorship management by presenting them professionally to potential sponsors, highlighting their skills and achievements, and showcasing how they align with the sponsor's values and objectives. We aim to create a strong and lasting relationship between the sponsor and the player.

Financial Management

Our team works with players to manage their earnings from sponsorships and tournaments effectively by creating a financial plan that aligns with their goals. We help the players by creating a budget to cover their expenses and make investments. We provide tax help to ensure compliance and maximize deductions, while also creating long-term financial plans and other future financial needs.

For further information, please contact us at hello@chessgaja.com.​


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