Chess Gaja Students Great Success in Class Chess Championship – 2021

Chess Gaja student

Chess Gaja Academy students participated in the 2021 US Class Championship held in Houston, Texas, from July 23-25, 2021. As over the board tournaments slowly resume around the world, this was one of the national level events held in the U.S. We had 6 of our academy students participate in different classes.

The top rankers from our academy were Asish in the Expert section scoring 3 points out of 5 games and finishing 8th in the final rankings. Nimesh participated in Class C and scored 3.5 points out of 5 games, and finished 8th in his class.

Asish Panda chess
Nimesh Ramanujakootam chess

All our other academy students showed strong performances, with Vijay finishing 12th on the ranking list, Sahithi finishing 14th, Anish finishing 27th, and Mihika finishing 42nd.

You can find the complete results here –

Congratulations to the academy students for playing some great chess and finishing on top rankings!

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