“Vijay Wins Bronze Medal In The National Grade Championship”

“Vijay Wins Bronze Medal ”

The 2021 National K-12 Grade Championships was held from December 3-5, 2021, in Orlando, Florida, USA. 6 Students of Chess Gaja participated in the tournament and tested their skills against the brightest players from all across the U.S in different age categories.

Adithya participated in the 8th Grade section, scored a solid 5.5 out of 7 points, and finished 11th in the final ranking. The highlight of his performance was that he went undefeated and picked up 4 wins and 3 draws in the tournament.

Neil had a fantastic show in the 6th Grade section as he scored 5 out of 7 points and finished 11th in the final ranking. The highlight of his performance was that he picked up 76 USCF rating points for this strong performance.

The other participant in the 6th Grade section was Mihika, who scored 4 out of 7 points and finished 35th in the ranking list. It was an on-par performance for Mihika and stayed close to her USCF rating.

In the 5th Grade section, we had Sahithi participate from Chess Gaja. She started strong with 2/2 but then, after a bunch of losses, finally ended the tournament with a score of 3.5/7.

Anish participated in the 4th Grade section, scored 5/7 points, and ended 16th in the Final rankings list. His performance helped him win a medal in the tournament.

The highlight performance of all the students was by Vijay, who scored 6/7 in the same 4th Grade section and won the bronze medal in the final rankings list!

Vijay with his bronze medal from 2021 National K-12 Grade Chess Championship

Vijay barely missed out on winning the section, as he had a completely won position against Megan Paragua in the final round. However, Vijay made a blunder in the game’s final moments, allowing Megan to repeat moves and make a draw.

The draw allowed Megan to win the section, and Vijay had to settle for the bronze medal.

Summary of our student performances

We congratulate all our students for playing great chess, and we wish them the best of luck in all the upcoming events.

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