Chess Gaja Students Great Performance In US Class Championship – 2021

Lohit and Saathvik Tie for First Place in Texas Chess Center Sunday Swiss Tournament

Chess Gaja Academy students participated in the 13th Annual Southwest Class Championships held at Fort Worth, Texas, USA, from February 17-21, 2022.

The tournament was divided into 7 sections, and we had 8 Chess Gaja students participate in 4 sections of the tournament.

In the Expert section, Vaseegaran Nandhakumar scored 5/7 points and tied for the 3rd spot with 5 other players.  Vaseegaran gained 33 rating points for his outstanding performance in the tournament. He also picked up a cool cash prize of $166.67 for this performance.

Neil Lad and Vijay Anandh were the Chess Gaja participants in the Class A section. Neil started with a loss but eventually scored 4/7 in the tournament. This decent performance helped Neil gain 32 rating points and put his USCF live rating at 1767.

Neil Lad
Neil Lad

Vijay Anandh had an okay tournament, as he scored 3.5/7, with 3 wins, 3 losses and 1 draw in the Class A section.

Vijay Anandh

Saathvik Dasari had a fantastic performance in the Class B section as he scored 5.5/7 points in the tournament and scored the points against much stronger opposition. Saathvik gained 144 rating points and won a cash prize of $650 for his performance. His strong performance has helped him cross the 1700 rating barrier and now has a live rating of 1729.

Saathvik Dasari

Vidyut Kamesh played solid chess to score 5/7 points in the Class B section. The performance helped Vidyut gain 36 rating points and win $100.

Anish Krishnan was another Chess Gaja student in the Class B section. Anish had a strong start to the event, scoring 2 out of 3, but he faltered at the end and scored 3 out of 7 points.

Anish Krishnan chess
Anish Krishnan

Shriyan Vuyyuru was the highlight Chess Gaja performer in the Class C section, as he gained 178 rating points with a fantastic performance. The highlight of his performance was that he remained unbeaten throughout the event, and his performance made him win a cash prize of $166.67.

Mihika Krishnan had a challenging tournament as she managed to score only 1.5/7 in the event. However, we are confident that Mihika will come back with a strong performance in her upcoming events.

All the Chess Gaja students who participated in the event are GM Priyadharshan Kannappan personal or group class students. 

Neil Lad, Anish, and Mihika Krishnan also learn from FM Swaraj Palit in the academy. Chess Gaja is happy to see strong performances from our students from different countries.

P.S – If you are a Chess Gaja student and would like your performance to be published in our blogs, please email us the tournament details and your performance to

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