“Make the Most out of Playing Chess”

Make the most out of playing chess

Chess is one of the most ancient and royal games that has been played around the world!, and therefore the statement has been true since the days of Kings. Chess was definitely enjoyed by kings. It had been designed to extend the Strategic capabilities of the rulers and increase IQ, which was important within the actual arena of war. Similarly today, chess is proven to introduce lots of psychological and intellectual benefits. 

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As a grown-up, there is no uncertainty in that chess teaches us about abstract thinking, analyzing, and how to critically evaluate different choices or moves in a logical manner. Here are some benefits of chess, 

  • Patience is one of the most predominant things chess teaches children. When children start playing chess, and once they come to learn, think, move and take their time, they come across a whole new world. Then they progress to the intricacy of the game and train their minds according to that. So Chess = Patience
  • When children progress to the intricacy of the game they come to learn the art of time management. They learn to make thoughtful decision making and conscious planning. It also improves the children’s focus on the moves and limits distraction. So Chess = Time Management
Advantages of playing chess
  • It is very important to stay concentrated during the game because it is the time we think strategically to make the moves against the opponent. Studies have shown that playing this mind game improves your attention span, reasoning ability, visual memory and so on. Children would learn to accelerate their focus while playing chess. This strong mental game can enhance your concentration as well as decision making powers. So Chess = Concentration.
  • Playing chess daily helps to manage anxiety and other unstable emotions. This is an ideal sport for people looking to maintain a healthy brain. This game stimulates the growth of the brain in many ways and makes you keep calm in any situation. So Chess = Soothe Anxiety.
  • There is always a common question: do intelligent people only play chess or does playing chess make them intelligent?. Yes, playing chess can actually improve your memory power and increase your IQ. While playing chess one would grasp the position of all the pieces and store it in your brain for future moves. 

 Chess improvement doesn’t happen overnight, so you need a mentor/coach who has made the journey earlier and has reached the pinnacle of success by becoming a GrandMaster!

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To improve your Child’s Concentration, Curiosity and Cognition, sign up for classes at Chess Gaja Academy, where GrandMaster and FIDE Trainer Priyadharshan Kannappan has personally designed the programs.

Coaches in the academy are also carefully vetted by Priyadharshan. The whole learning experience is designed to deliver exceptional results to the students!

Want to make your child a titled chess player? No other thoughts, enroll your kid in Chess Gaja Platform and learn the game.

So grab the board today, and start playing. 

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"Every chess Master was once a Beginner" - Irving Chernev


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