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Chess Summer Camp

Summer is the perfect time to discover new adventures and have fun, and there’s no better way to do so than by joining Chess Gaja’s Online Chess Summer Camp 2023! This camp is tailored specifically for beginners who are eager to learn and enjoy the game of chess.

Chess Summer Camp

At the Online Chess Summer Camp 2023, participants will have the chance to learn the basics of chess, improve their skills, and have an unforgettable time. We crafted the program to make learning fun and engaging for beginners, so they can fall in love with the game and start a lifelong journey of chess mastery.

We have tailored the camp to cater to US students and set the timing for the evening CST or PST. This ensures that the camp is convenient for students residing in different parts of the US.

Use this online chess summer camp to determine whether your child has an interest in the game, from both the perspective of your child and the coaches. If your child shows a passion for chess, Chess Gaja offers a variety of supplementary tools and resources to aid in their growth into a strong player.

As India’s leading online chess academy, Chess Gaja has worked with six National Champions and many skilled chess players. GrandMaster Priyadharshan Kannappan, who possesses years of experience and expertise, supervises the camp. Every participant will receive an e-certificate signed by GrandMaster Priyadharshan.e.

For parents looking for summer camps for their kids, Chess Summer Camp 2023 from Chess Gaja is an excellent choice. Not only will your child learn to play chess, but they’ll also engage in various fun activities and make new friends. The camp provides a safe and supportive environment where kids can have a blast and learn new skills.


The camp will be taught by experienced FIDE-rated chess coaches. The coaches will use a variety of teaching methods to keep students engaged and learning.


The Online Chess Summer Camp 2023 offers a variety of benefits for students, including:

  • The opportunity to learn chess from experienced coaches
  • The chance to improve their chess skills
  • The opportunity to make new friends
  • The opportunity to have fun and learn at the same time


Registration for the Online Chess Summer Camp 2023 is now open. To register, please email hello@chessgaja.com

In conclusion, Chess Summer Camp 2023 from Chess Gaja is a summer adventure for chess beginners. With a wide range of activities for summer camp, experienced coaches, and a supportive environment, this summer camp is an excellent opportunity for anyone looking to learn to play chess, have fun, and make new friends. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity and sign up for Chess Summer Camp 2023 from Chess Gaja today!

chess summer cam may 2023

To obtain more information about this camp, please contact us at hello@chessgaja.com. We would be happy to assist you.

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"Every chess Master was once a Beginner" - Irving Chernev


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