Great Performance Of Priyansh in DFW FIDE gains 50 USCF points

Priyansh Garg

2021 DFW FIDE Reserve 6 tournament was held on August 14-15, 2021, in Dallas, Texas. Chess Gaja academy student Priyans participated and scored 3.5/5 in the final standings.

The highlight of Priyansh’s performance is that he started the event with a USCF rating of 1524 and ended the event with 1574! A whopping 50 points gain in this event.

In the tournament, Priyansh’s only loss came against Julius Cromartie (USCF – 1600). Priyansh beat higher rated players Nicholas (USCF – 1568), Elbert (USCF – 1695), and he also won against lower-rated Justin (USCF – 1484). The only draw for Priyansh in the event was against Likith (USCF – 1559).

Priyansh is coached by GrandMaster Priyadharshan and FIDE Instructor Swaraj in the academy.

We wish Priyansh all the success in his upcoming events!

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