Vijay Anandh ties for first in 2021 Forester Open in Texas, USA

Vijay Anandh chess

The 2021 Forester Open is a prestigious event in the Texas area held from November 24-28, 2021. This year the event attracted 33 participants in the Open section and 84 participants in the Amateur section.

We had 5 Chess Gaja academy students participate in the Amateur section, and the section had 7 rounds in total. So we have got the results of our students now!

Vijay Anandh Srinivas tied for first place by scoring 6/7 points. It was a four-way tie for the first place, and Vijay won a cool cash prize and also managed to increase 110 rating points in the event! The highlight of Vijay’s performance was that he was leading the event 5/5 and lost on the penultimate round, but managed to stay strong and win the final round and tie for the title!

Saathvik Dasari and Anish Krishnan had a solid performance. They both scored 4/7 points, with the highlight being Anish, who had a rough start with 1/3 points, ended strongly by drawing rounds 4 and 5 and winning his games on rounds 6 and 7.

Neil Lad and Mihika Krishnan scored 3/7 points in the event. There needs a special mention of Mihika’s performance as her performance helped her gain 69 rating points and cross the 1400 USCF rating! Congrats to Mihika for the significant milestone.

Congratulations to all our students for playing some great chess and showing some great results! Chess Gaja students are participating in events all across the US.

The next big tournament for our students is the 2021 National K-12 Grade Championships to be held in Florida, USA from December 3-5, 2021. We wish the best for all our academy students participating in the tournament.