GrandMaster thoughts on Chess – March 2022 Newsletter by GM Priyadharshan Kannappan

GM Priyadharshan Kannappan March 2022 Newsletter - Chess Gaja


We had the fantastic FIDE Grand Prix Berlin event from Feb 4-17, 2021. The event was won by the American superstar and legendary GM Hikaru Nakamura as he beat the newest member of the American team GM Levon Aronian with a score of 3-1.

As over the board, events are starting to resume with full vigour, it’s great for all us chess fans, as we will get to see a lot more chess games, and we will also be able to play in a lot more tournaments.

Youtube Channel SuggestionChess Dojo has excellent and serious chess content for players of all levels and ages. In my personal opinion, the content works the best for amateur players rated between 1400-2200.

Chess Gaja – I am sure you would have checked out our academy channel, which has been a bit inactive of late. We have content mainly geared to the young learners, and we have a fantastic series called the “21 Gems of Chess” on our Playlist! Don’t forget to check that out.

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If you are a student of Chess Gaja and would like a game analysis or some chess content of yours to be published on our channel, please send us the video and we will publish it!

Chess Insight – I have seen so many players withdraw from chess events once they lose a few games, as they think they save time by not playing the remaining rounds of the event.

This approach of not fighting it out till the end is very bad, as you will never learn the art of resilience and learn the habit of bouncing back. A chess player will have his/her tough times, and it’s essential to train our mindset to constantly be pushing and giving our best even during rough times. 

The other logic is not to withdraw early from an event; there is a higher statistical probability of having a bad next event. So instead, it’s better to go through a few bad rounds and fight it out like a champion, and get over with all the bad play in just one tournament, and not let it spill over to the next event.

After all, the sun does rise after sunset, the same way you will have a fantastic performance after some bad games!

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GM Priyadharshan Kannappan

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