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“Move in Silence only Speak when it’s time to say Checkmate”

Introverts to Extroverts

The Finest Indoor Game Chess Evolved in our world 1500 years ago. This evolution has made lots of people from all over the world with different religions, cultures, and age groups together. All these people unite on a common bond called Chess. As grown-ups introvert, we improve our networking skills through chess. We meet new people of every age at every new game, which tune our introverted mind into an extroverted one. So only extroverts win? No, we don’t come up with a conclusion that extroverts only achieve. Not all World Championship Players are Extroverts. Chess is an eye-opener for all the introverts who would like to achieve something in their sports life.

  It’s Okay to Lose

As an adult, some mature early in life and others never mature, even as they age. So few people cope with failures, but few take failures very seriously in their life. Chess teaches us to play strategically, think critically and remain calm in all situations and also teaches us to accept failures and come back as a stronger player. So as in life, we have to bounce back wiser and stronger when met with failures and losses. Accepting losses is a good gesture for a player. 

Concentrate more

 New research showed that children have more keen and focused minds compared to adults. Children notice things a lot, but adults don’t because of the grownup’s picky attention. Concentration is the secret of strength. A player can play like a pro in the first half and get distracted in the second half because of his diversion. One needs to concentrate intensely on things carefully and not make your mind-brain fog anytime.

  Patience – A key to Success

Chess helps us to fight anxiety disorder. Being an adult, we have all faced examinations, interviews, presentations and deadlines in our life. Likewise, sometimes your time runs low in chess, and you need to think critically and make your decisions. We need to train our minds to be calm under pressure and make decisions patiently. We must know how to control our minds even if things go out of our hands.

Develops Empathy

         Often, players put themselves in the opponent’s shoes while playing because we can easily identify the opponent’s moves and plans. Likewise, being empathic will help us a lot in our life. The game Chess develops us to see things from others’ perspectives.

Chess Gaja is a leading Online Chess Academy for all students and adult learners. The Chess Coaching in Chess Gaja happens in 1-1 sessions for the students. Supervised programs like Adult camps are conducted every year in the Academy. Chess Gaja had 1-1 sessions for Adults and  Grand Master Group classes from time to time for the grown-ups. This made Chess Gaja a leading Chess company, among others. Group Chess Classes for Adults – Starting from Nov-6, 2021 – Only 10 seats – Chess Gaja Academy.

 Chess Gaja conducts online academy tournaments in the platform and gives personalized training guidance for the adults to participate in tournaments. In addition, Chess Gaja focuses on the learning process and handholds students throughout their learning journey.

Beyond strategy and winning, Chess builds us as good individuals and brings out the best in us beyond strategy and winning. It also boosts our energy level, increases our emotional intelligence and also teaches us to overcome challenges as an adult. Therefore, one must learn chess as an adult to become a well-rounded individual.

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"Every chess Master was once a Beginner" - Irving Chernev


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