Great Performance By Vaseegaran At The 2022 k-8 National Championship

A boy holding two trophies after receiving chess coaching classes.

Seven of our Chess Gaja students participated in National Middle School (K-8) Championship this weekend in Grapevine, Texas. Over 900 competitors from 38 states participated in this Tournament.

Our student Vaseegaran, after his strong start with a win in his 1st round, had a bit of struggle in his second game against Aayush, but he made up for the loss with an excellent performance of consecutive five wins to score 6/7.

Vaseegaran’s score of 6/7 made him the co-champion with 4 more players National Middle School (K-8) championship. The other co-champions are Brewington Hardaway, Jonathan Chen, Troy Cavanah, and Ilya Levekov.

Vaseegran was not just the co-champion in the Nationals; he also became a co-champion along with Ethan in the 2022 K-8 BLITZ CHAMPIONSHIP with 11/12 points Tournament. Congratulations to Vaseegaran on both his well deserved national championship titles. To know more about Vaseegaran’s performance, see his USCF Player Card.

Neil scored 4.5/7 in the Tournament. With four wins and one draw against Sihan (Rating – 1956), Neil increased his rating points by 78. In addition, Neil played a wonderful game against Aditeya (Rating – 1925) and Yakshwag (Rating – 1910). Our Congratulations to Neil on his first-place finish in the 1700-1799 class section of the K8 championship. To know more about Neil’s performance, see his USCF Player Card.

Anish scored 4/7 in the Tournament. Though he lost his first game, he came back strong with four consecutive wins, making him gain 100 rating points. He had outstanding wins against Morgan (Rating – 1921) and Shamith (Rating- 1890), and Kyle (Rating- 1801). To know more about Anish’s performance, see his USCF Play Card

Anish, Neil and Vaseegaran

Vijay scored 4/7 in the Tournament. He had four wins and lost three games against higher rated players.

Saatvik had a challenging tournament as he scored 50% with a score of 3.5/7 in the event. However, we are confident that Saatvik will come back with a strong performance in his upcoming events.

Mihika participated in the K-8 U1700 category and scored 3.5/7 with two wins, 3 draws and two losses. Wishing Mihika the best for upcoming tournaments.

Gurugrahan participated in the K-8 U1400 category and scored 3.5/7 in the Tournament. As a result, he increased his rating from 1090 to 1098.

Congratulations to all the students who participated in the Tournament. Good luck to all our students in the upcoming Tournaments.

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