Congratulating Vaseegaran on his Great Win in the 31st Chicago open

Congratulating Vaseegaran on his Great Win

Continental Chess Association conducted 31st Chicago Open from May 26 – May 30, 2022 at Wheeling, Illinois.

Chess Gaja students Vaseegaran and Vihaan participated in this tournament.

Vaseegaran won this tournament with 6/7 points under 2300 category. He won five games and managed to drew two games against Krishnan(2041) and Angel(2243). Notably he won against high rated players Micheal(2261), Manis(2201) and Daniel(2165).

Vaseegaran’s rating point increased from 2108 to 2165.

Vihaan scored 3.5/7 points under 2100 category. He won two games and lost three games and one managed to drew one game. He lost his two games against high rated players Aswani(1971) and Josiah(2056).

Vihaan’s rating point increased from 1800 to 1826.

History has repeated as the 23rd Chicago Open in 2014 was won by GM Priyadharshan and eight-year later the same tournament conducted in 2022 was won by his student Vaseegaran.

Congratulations to Vaseegaran and Vihaan on their great tournament. All the best for the upcoming tournaments.

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