Tickets for Chess Olympiad 2022 are on Sale!

Most Exciting 44th Chess Olympiad, organizing by the International Chess Federation, will be held in Chennai, India, from July 28 to August 10 .

To see the Biggest Chess Event of the year live you can find the tickets on AICF’s official website:

Details required for filling out the form:

For buying the ticket you would be required to summit any government ID preferably Aadhar card or Passport.

Ticket pricing for 44th Chess Olympiad ranges from INR 200 to INR 8000

A total of 1700+ players from 189 countries, have registered to compete in the 44th Chess Olympiad, Don’t Miss Out the Greatest Historical Chess Event happening in India.

For any further queries email:

All the best for all the teams participating in Chess Olympiad 2022 from Chess Gaja.

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