Reasons to Choose a Chess Academy over an Individual Coach

Reasons to choose a chess academy over an individual coach include specialized programs like chess for kids and opportunities to improve chess skills in focused areas such as the chess endgame.

Are you one of the parents confused about choosing a chess academy or an Individual coach when looking for chess lessons to improve your kid’s chess skills to the next level? 

We at Chess Gaja have compiled a list of reasons why you should choose a chess academy over an Individual coach.

Structured Learning – Academies are set up to provide you with a more well-rounded education. Unlike an Individual coach, chess academies offer a structured environment to help you focus on improving your game. 

Team and Experience – In a chess academy, you’ll have access to a team of instructors with years of experience teaching students of all ages and skill levels. When you learn from an Individual coach, the coach’s experience will be limited.

Coach Flexibility – In an academy, you can easily switch coaches as the student keeps improving without affecting the lesson’s continuity. In contrast, you might not know when to change to the next coach level with an Individual coach.

Learning Resources – An academy will offer you many more resources in terms of Study Time Table, Homework, Discussion on chess issues, etc. 

Comparison Chart
Comparison Chart

In the case of an Individual Coach, the coach might not have time to spend additional follow-up on the student and provide other learning resources.

Tournaments – When an internal tournament is conducted, you will get to test your skills against a wide range of players, as academies will have a wider student base. This will not be possible if you take lessons from an Individual coach as there might not be many students participating in an event.

The above points indicate the benefits of joining a Chess Academy over an Individual Coach. Chess Gaja will give all the advantages mentioned above when you think of taking chess lessons for your kid.

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