8 Best Online Chess Lessons in New Zealand

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Are you looking for the best chess coaching online in New Zealand? Look no further than our platform, which offers the best online chess lessons from a grandmaster. Our online chess classes are designed for players of all levels, from beginners to advanced players. Our chess tutor online will guide you through the intricacies of the game, helping you improve your skills and achieve your chess goals.

Chess Gaja Private Limited is a leading online chess academy for all student levels and ages led by GrandMaster Priyadharshan Kannappan.

All coaches in Chess Gaja are highly accomplished, FIDE-rated coaches. If you are looking for high-quality lessons in a guided manner where a student can come in as an absolute beginner and will be handheld all the way to GrandMaster level, then Chess Gaja is the right choice.

What makes Chess Gaja stand out from its competitors, to understand that have a look at the video of the benefits of joining Chess Gaja.

Benefits of learning with Chess Gaja

  • Coaches of all rating levels
  • Students of all ages
  • Complimentary Group Masterclasses regularly
  • Exclusive student newsletter
  • Coach of the Brazil Team for the Chess Olympiad 2022
  • Worked with 6 national champions
  • The study Schedule will be provided
  • Tournaments will be conducted regularly
  • Chess book/Software suggestions will be provided
  • 120+ Students from 15+ countries 

Whether you’re looking to improve your chess skills, prepare for tournaments, or simply enjoy the game, our online chess coaching is a perfect choice. With lessons from a grandmaster and a wide range of online classes, we offer the best chess coaching online in New Zealand. Sign up today and start your journey to becoming a better chess player!

North Shore Chess Club

The North Shore Chess Club, founded in 1956, has been promoting chess in the North Shore and Auckland region since its inception. Helen Milligan serves as the president of the club. Based on the North Shore of Auckland, the club offers coaching to players of all ages and skill levels with a particular emphasis on tournament preparation. The club has produced many successful players throughout the years.


Address:  3/7 Owens Road, Devonport, Auckland 0624

Email: heligan@heliganchess.nz

NZ Chess Academy

NZ Chess Academy provides coaching for both children and adults is offered by the NZ Chess Academy, which is based in Auckland and employs a team of experienced coaches who use traditional and modern teaching methods. Although the academy is located in Auckland, all program components are made available online, allowing for participation by isolated and regional players. Squads, consisting of up to 12 students of similar playing strength, are formed by the academy. The importance of having a good peer group for chess improvement is recognized by the academy.


Phone:0800 424 377

Address:273 Remuera Road, Remuera 1050, Auckland, New Zealand


Chess Power

Chess Power provides group and individual coaching, which is staffed by experienced coaches with a proven track record of developing successful players. Free Chess Open Days are organized by Chess Power at schools to promote the learning, playing, and enjoyment of chess among all students. Schools in Auckland, New Zealand are coached by Chess Power through our School Chess Coaching Programmes. More personalized and focused coaching is delivered through Private Coaching in Auckland and Wellington by Chess Power.


Email: paul@chesspower.co.nz

The Howick Pakuranga Chess Club

The Howick Pakuranga Chess Club was founded by FIDE Master Dr. Richard John Sutton, based in the Howick-Pakuranga area of Auckland, and offers coaching for players of all skill levels with a strong focus on tournament preparation and a history of producing successful players.


Address: Howick Bowling Club

33 Selwyn Road, Cockle Bay, Auckland 2145

Email: ywang@outlook.co.nz


HeliganChess, led by Dr. Helen Milligan and located in Tauranga, provides both group and individual coaching by experienced coaches with a proven track record of developing successful players. Their primary goal is to enhance the chess proficiency of students with ratings between 1000 and 1700, with the aim of achieving improved tournament and interschool results.


Email: heligan@heliganchess.nz

The Otago Chess Club

The Otago Chess Club, located in Otago, provides coaching for players of all abilities with a focus on tournament preparation. They welcome chess players of any age and offer additional benefits for members, including access to their extensive library and the ability to participate in weekly club tournaments.’


Address: 7 Maitland Street, Dunedin, New Zealand

Email: otaagochess@gmail.com

Kiwi Chess

Kiwi Chess Coaching offers group and individual coaching through experienced coaches who have a track record of producing successful players. Scott Wastney, the founder of the academy and a highly-ranked chess player in New Zealand with 15 years of coaching experience, offers lessons to local schools, evening groups, and individuals in Wellington. He also provides remote coaching through Skype throughout New Zealand and internationally.


Mobile: 021 155 7403

Email: kiwichess@xtra.co.nz

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