Gurugrahan’s Great Performance in Zion & Alwin Chess Tournament 2022

A man receives a trophy on stage at a school event for excellence in chess coaching, with attendees watching; a sign on the stage reads "DO NOT STAMP ON THE GRASS - IT'S TENDER.

Zion and Alwin group of institutions conducted ZION & ALWIN 1ST INTERNATIONAL FIDE RATING CHESS TOURNAMENT 2022 on December 27, 2022.

Chess Gaja student Gurugrahan participated and won this tournament under the U09 section with 5 out of 8 points.

During the tournament, he won against a higher-rated player, Azeezuddin (rated 1570), and won all five games he played. Starting the tournament with a rating of 1181, Gurugrahan performed at a rating of 1368 during the event.

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