Chess Gaja’s Corporate Program: A Path to Wellness and Mental Health

In today’s fast-paced corporate environment, employee wellness and mental health have become increasingly important for Corporate Organizations in India. Chess Gaja’s Corporate Program, led by GrandMaster Priyadharshan Kannappan, offers a unique and effective way to improve employee wellness and mental health using chess as a tool. This article will explore the benefits of the program, how it can be customized to meet specific company needs, and how Corporate Chess Activities and tournaments in India are on the rise.

Understanding the Importance of Employee Wellness and Mental Health

The World Health Organization (WHO) states that more than half of the global population is employed and 15% of working-age adults are living with a mental disorder. Mental health conditions can negatively impact an individual’s confidence, productivity, attendance, and ability to obtain and retain work, resulting in a loss of approximately 12 billion working days each year because of depression and anxiety alone.

Therefore, prioritizing employee wellness and mental health is no longer a luxury, but a necessity for a thriving workplace. To achieve this, companies should develop wellness solutions to support their employees. Chess Gaja’s Corporate Program assists businesses in enhancing their workers’ well-being and mental health, resulting in a positive work environment that fosters growth, creativity, and innovation while reducing absenteeism and turnover rates.

What do we offer

Chess Gaja in its corporate program, is offering online/offline workshops and seminars connecting chess to business and the strategies that will help organizations to scale further heights.

Chess Gaja is also offering Online Chess Classes for adults so that they can sharpen their critical thinking and learn a new hobby. We currently have 10+ adult learners of different age groups learning chess at their own pace. We design differently these classes compared to kids’ classes, as the adult learners learning curve and the time available to spend on chess is different.

We are also offering online and offline chess tournaments that can be used as a tool for team bonding, and to create a great working atmosphere in organizations.

Chess Gaja’s Corporate Program offers customizable programs that can be tailored to meet the unique needs of each company.

The Benefits of Chess Gaja’s Corporate Program

The program provides a range of benefits for companies looking to improve employee wellness and mental health. By offering access to mental health resources and support, companies can reduce absenteeism, increase productivity, and improve overall job satisfaction.

World Corporate Chess Championship by FIDE

The importance of Chess in Corporate Organizations has made FIDE – The World Chess Organization to conduct the 2021 World Corporate Chess Championship, where corporate teams from across the world competed.

Several prominent Indian companies, such as Jio, Sony, Mercedes-Benz, Wyse Biometrics Systems, Hindustan Petroleum Corporation, and Zoho, have taken part in the tournament. The FIDE intends to organize this event annually. Therefore, if you want to participate in major corporate chess tournaments like this, it could enhance your rapport with major corporations and enhance your company’s global visibility. By taking part in the Chess Gaja corporate program, you can train your staff to compete in such events.

Why Chess Gaja for your corporate chess programs?

  • We have worked with organizations like Tech Mahindra
  • We are a GST-compliant company
  • GrandMaster Priyadharshan has 2 decades of experience in the chess world
  • Professionals with years of experience will be handling the chess activities
  • Customized programs

Expert Coaching and Support for Employees

The program offers expert coaching and support for employees to help them improve their wellness and mental health. Experienced professionals provide personalized coaching sessions to help employees develop the skills and strategies they need to manage stress, improve their mental health, and achieve their goals. Workshops and training sessions are also offered on various topics, including mindfulness, resilience, and emotional intelligence. With the expert coaching and support provided, employees can thrive both personally and professionally.

If you would like to know more about our programs, have a look at our Corporate Class page. You can also additionally reach out to us at for more information.