19 Students in the Top-100 of USCF rankings – April 2023

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Last month, we wrote about how Chess Gaja US students were ranked in the US Chess Top lists for their respective age categories, and we wanted to continue reporting on those stats for April 2023!

In the U-8 category, we have 1 student, Gurugrahan, who is ranked 54th.

In the U-10 category, we have 2 students who are both ranked in the top 15. Vijay is ranked 12th, and Vihaan is ranked 13th.

In the U-11 Category – We have 4 students. Priyansh ranked #10 and the other 3 students are in the top #90 of the list.

In the U-12 category, we have 3 students. One of them, Sahithi, is ranked 21st and Mihikai, is ranked 26th in the top age group for girls and another student is in the top #90 of the list.

In the U-13 category, we have 4 students, One of them is ranked in the Top 30, Sanmitha is ranked 46, and the other 2 students are in the top #100 of the list.

In the U-14 category, we have Vaseegaran, who is ranked 22nd.

In the U-15 category, we have Adithya in the top 60 of the ranking list.

In the U-17 category, Hemachandra is ranked 41st and another student in the Top 100 of the list.

In the U-18-49 category, We have Aaryan at the top of 80 of the ranking list.

That’s a whopping total of 19 students from Chess Gaja in the top 100 age category lists!

You can find the US Chess Top player lists here

We are happy to inform you that Chess Gaja is a proud affiliate of the US Chess Federation (USCF)

Wishing our Chess Gaja students to aim for further success in the next ranking list!