Top 5 Chess Academies in Coimbatore – 2023

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Coimbatore, located in the southern part of India, is known for its rich cultural heritage and is home to some of the best chess academies in the country. If you are looking to improve your chess skills and take your game to the next level, the city has some excellent options to choose from. In this article, we have listed the 5 best chess academies in Coimbatore that can help you achieve your chess goals.

Chess Gaja

Chess Gaja Private Limited is a leading online chess academy for all student levels and ages led by GrandMaster Priyadharshan Kannappan.

We offer online 1-1 sessions, group classes, and summer camps.

All coaches in Chess Gaja are highly accomplished, FIDE-rated coaches. If you are looking for high-quality lessons in a guided manner where a student can come in as an absolute beginner and will be handheld all the way to GrandMaster level, then Chess Gaja is the right choice.

What makes Chess Gaja stand out from its competitors, is to understand that have a look at the video of the benefits of joining Chess Gaja.

Benefits of learning with Chess Gaja

  • Coaches of all rating levels
  • Students of all ages
  • Complimentary Group Masterclasses regularly
  • Exclusive student newsletter
  • Coach of the Brazil Team for the Chess Olympiad 2022
  • Worked with 6 national champions
  • The study Schedule will be provided
  • 2 monthly academy tournaments where you get a chance to play against GrandMaster.
  • Chess book/Software suggestions will be provided
  • 120+ Students from 15+ countries 

Check out the success stories of Chess Gaja students here.

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Coimbatore Chess Centre

Established in 2000, Coimbatore Chess Centre is one of the oldest and most reputable chess academies in the city. The centre has state-of-the-art facilities and a team of highly experienced coaches who offer personalized training programs for players of all skill levels. The academy also organizes regular tournaments and competitions to provide students with practical exposure to the game.


Address: 32-A, 4th Street, Sivananda Colony, Tatabad, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu 641012, India

Phone: +91 93632 11753

Kovai Kids Chess Academy

Kovai Kids Chess Academy is a popular choice among parents looking to introduce their children to the game of chess. The academy offers comprehensive training programs for children aged between 5 and 16 years, with a focus on developing their analytical and logical thinking skills. The academy’s team of coaches comprises experienced players and certified trainers who offer personalized attention to each student.

Dr. N. Mahalingam Chess Academy

Founded by Dr. N. Mahalingam, a well-known philanthropist and chess enthusiast, the academy offers world-class training programs for chess players. The academy has a team of highly qualified and experienced coaches who focus on developing each student’s unique strengths and weaknesses. The academy also has an extensive library of chess books and resources to help students improve their game.


Address: Kumaraguru campus, Saravanampatti, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu 641049, India

Red Chess Academy

Red Chess Academy is one of the most sought-after chess academies in Coimbatore, with a reputation for producing some of the best players in the city. The academy offers personalized training programs for players of all levels, with a focus on developing their strategic thinking and decision-making skills. The academy also has a dedicated team of coaches who provide one-on-one attention to each student.


Address:12/1, Union Rd, south, Narasimhanaickenpalayam, Tamil Nadu 641031, India

Phone: +91 90426 28748

In conclusion, these 5 chess academies in Coimbatore are among the best in the city, with a reputation for producing some of the best players in the country. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced player, joining one of these academies can help you improve your game and achieve your chess goals.

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