Vaseegaran’s Best Performance In Sunday Swiss

A young man holding chess pieces stands in front of a pond with a large building in the background, with text overlays naming him as Vaseegaran Kalbhari, The National Master, from Chess Gaja's online chess lessons.

TEXAS CHESS CENTER conducted the SUNDAY SWISS Tournament on May 7, 2023, in Carrolton, Texas.

Chess Gaja student Vaseegaran took part in the tournament. In the open section, Vaseegaran scored 100% score by winning all his 4 games. The performance helped him gain 4 rating points, and his rating jumped from 2197 to 2201.

This is an important tournament for Vaseegaran, as this outstanding performance helped him cross the 2200 rating requirement for the National Master title.

Congratulations Vaseegaran! we wish you all the best for your future tournaments.

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