Varun’s Good Rating Gain at the GCC Ohio Chess Tournament

Vihaan Reached 1800 Rating Point with his Great Performance

The GCC FRIDAY QUADS tournament, organized by the Greater Cleveland Chess Club, took place on June 16, 2023, in Cleveland, Ohio.

Chess Gaja student Varun participated in the tournament, showcasing his skills.

In the Quad 1 section, Varun showcased his skills and determination, scoring 2 out of 4 points. His strong performance secured him an impressive 2nd place. Not only did Varun display his competitive edge, but his solid gameplay also earned him a gain of 10 rating points. His rating now stands at 2025, a significant increase from 2015.

Congratulations to Varun for his outstanding performance at the GCC FRIDAY QUADS tournament! We wish him continued success in his future chess tournaments.

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