From Novice to Master: Vaseegaran’s Incredible Chess Journey at Chess Gaja Academy

Vaseegaran is from the heart of Texas, USA. His chess journey began in October 2021 when he decided to take lessons from the renowned Chess Gaja. Back then, his rating stood at a respectable 1786 FIDE.

Fast forward to August 2023, and Vaseegaran’s progress has been nothing short of astounding. After a year and a half of dedication under the coach of Chess Gaja‘s guidance, his rating has skyrocketed to an impressive 2250 FIDE. This achievement makes him eligible for the prestigious Candidate Master title awarded by FIDE. He is also currently(July 2023) ranked 14 in the US Top 100 list in the Regular Top Age 14 category.

Vaseegaran’s FIDE card

A recent highlight in Vaseegaran’s chess journey was his outstanding performance at the 51st Annual World Open, held in the vibrant city of Philadelphia. Scoring an impressive 5.5 out of 9 points, he exhibited true mastery on the board. As a result, his USCF rating shot up from 2236 to an impressive 2271.

Vaseegaran is taking classes from a team of GrandMasters in the Chess Gaja academy.

Chess Gaja boasts an impressive lineup of coaches, including 3 International Masters (IMs) and 3 GrandMasters (GMs). For those aspiring to learn from titled players and elevate their game, Chess Gaja offers an incredible opportunity to receive coaching from the best. Simply reach out by filling out the contact form and unlock your full potential on the chessboard!