National K-12 Grade Chess Championship 2023

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Get ready, The National K-12 Grade Chess Championship 2023 is coming up soon! The Tournament takes place in Orlando, USA from December 15th to 17th.

Location:  Hyatt Regency Orlando,
                  9801 International Drive,
                  Orlando FL 32819.

The National K-12 Grade Chess Championship is more than just a tournament, it is a celebration of talent bringing together chess players of all ages and skill sets across the country.

To all the participants of the tournament, we wish you the best of luck. Your commitment and efforts have brought you here.

We also would like to extend our heartfelt congratulations to our Chess Gaja students who participated last year in this prestigious tournament and made a remarkable expression.

For more information regarding the program, click here.

We look forward to the battles, and strategies and are excited to see who tops the tournament!

We’ll keep you posted regarding the latest news and results of the National K-12 Grade Chess Championship, Stay tuned!

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