Chess Gaja: Your Secret Weapon for the World Corporate Chess Championship

Enhance Your Corporate Strategy with Chess Gaja

Exciting news! FIDE just announced the 2024 World Corporate Chess Championship. If your company is eager to jump into action, consider Chess Gaja Pvt. Ltd. Led by GrandMaster and FIDE Trainer Priyadharshan Kannappan, we offer personalized chess lessons for all ages and skill levels.

Our corporate program is already making waves, having partnered with big names like Tech Mahindra. Let us help you gear up for success in the corporate chess arena!

Learning from Past Success: The 1st Corporate Chess Championship

Reflecting on the inaugural 1st Corporate Chess Championship held in 2021 provides valuable insights for aspiring participants. Notable companies such as Tata, LIC, and Razorpay showcased their strategic acumen, demonstrating the significance of participating in such tournaments for exposure and connectivity within the corporate landscape. Grenke Bank won the inaugural FIDE Online World Corporate Chess Championship.

Chess Gaja Corporate Program: Elevating Business through Chess

The World Corporate Chess Championship is a series of online events that will culminate in an over-the-board final in New York. Companies from all over the world can register teams of four players and one captain. There are restrictions on the players’ ratings. The qualifiers will be played in March and April. The top eight teams from each qualifier will move on to the knockout stage. The finals will be played in New York in June. The winning team will be called the “smartest company in the world.”.

Chess Gaja can help companies prepare for the World Corporate Chess Championship by providing chess lessons to their employees. They can also help companies find invited players who are not directly employed at the company or a member of the board.

In recent news, FIDE has introduced an intriguing element to corporate chess tournaments. Every participating team now has the opportunity to invite one player who is not directly employed by the company or a member of the board. This addition injects fresh perspectives and diverse strategic approaches into the game, enriching the overall experience.

For more information about the 2024 World Corporate Chess Championship, click here.

Chess Gaja: Your Strategic Partner

Navigating the process of building a strong chess team for corporate tournaments can feel overwhelming. But with Chess Gaja, it’s a breeze. We’ll help you find the perfect invited player to match your team’s style, ensuring a winning combination of talent and expertise.

All of our chess coaches are FIDE-rated, ensuring top-notch expertise. With a range of coaches across various skill levels, including titled players like IMs and GMs, we offer flexibility to suit your team’s needs.

But we don’t stop there. We understand that strategic thinking goes beyond the chessboard. That’s why we provide comprehensive chess lessons tailored to all team members. Our expert instructors share invaluable insights, helping your team develop the strategic mindset crucial for success in both chess and the corporate world.

To learn more about the Chess Gaja corporate program, click here.

Elevate Your Corporate Strategy with Chess Gaja

In conclusion, Chess Gaja stands as your strategic partner in harnessing the transformative power of chess for corporate success. Whether you’re looking to enhance teamwork, foster strategic thinking, or simply infuse a sense of excitement into your corporate culture, Chess Gaja is here to guide you every step of the way. Embrace the strategic advantage of chess with Chess Gaja today.

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