2024 US National High School (K–12) Championship

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The prestigious 2024 National High School (K–12) Championship is your chance to compete against the nation’s top young chess minds! This high-caliber tournament takes place April 5th–7th in Baltimore, Maryland.

Don’t miss out! Register now and secure your spot. National High School Chess Championship

Four easy steps to register a player for a US Chess National or Correspondence Tournament

Important Note: To participate in a tournament, ensure the player has a valid US Chess membership.

Step 1: Verify Membership Status

If the player is not a current US Chess member, you’ll need to process a membership application first.

Recommendation: After processing a new membership or renewal, we highly recommend waiting at least 10 minutes before registering for a tournament. This allows ample time for our membership system to update completely. You can verify the transaction status through the MSA (Membership Status Area).

Step 2: Choose a Tournament: Select the desired tournament from the available options.

Step 3: Complete Registration: Fill out all the necessary information required for the chosen event.

Reminder: New or rejoining US Chess members must obtain a membership before registering for a tournament.

Note: Online registration typically closes 8–24 hours before the tournament begins. This timeframe may vary for events with multiple schedules.

Registration Link: https://secure2.uschess.org/webstore/tournament.php?wkevent=2024HighSchool 

Chess Gaja Encourages Participation

At Chess Gaja, we strongly encourage our students to participate in this national competition. It’s a fantastic platform to:

  • Challenge Yourself: Match your wits against the best.
  • Gain Experience: Elevate your chess game in a competitive environment.
  • Earn Recognition: Compete for national ranking and recognition.

Looking to take your chess to the next level?

Chess Gaja offers comprehensive online chess lessons for students of all skill levels. Reach out to us today by filling out this form: https://chessgaja.com/contactnew/

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