The latest round of tournaments saw Chess Gaja students once again showcasing their skills and determination across various events held in different states from May 24th to May 30, 2024. Here’s a summary of their performances:


Gurugrahan showcased exceptional skills at the 33rd Annual Chicago Open held in Wheeling, IL, organized by CONTINENTAL CHESS ASSOCIATION from May 23rd to May 27th, 2024. Competing in the Under 1700 category, Gurugrahan delivered an outstanding performance, scoring 6 out of 7 and securing second place, this performance also increased his rating by 48 points and his live rating is 1754.

In the Under 2100 category, Saathvik took part and scored 4 out of 7 points against tough competition. 

New Jersey:

Ansh competed in the 2024 US Amateur East Individual Championship held in New Brunswick, NJ, organized by the NEW JERSEY ST CHESS FEDERATION from May 25th to May 27th, 2024. Competing in the Championship – Under 2200 category, Ansh displayed remarkable improvement, scoring 4 out of 6 and increasing his USCF rating by 62 points.

North Carolina:

Vihaan participated in the CCC Club Championships 2024 held in Charlotte, NC, organized by the CHARLOTTE CHESS CENTER from May 25th to May 26th, 2024. Competing in the Championship category, Vihaan delivered a solid performance, scoring 2.5 out of 5.


Priyansh  participated in the 11th Cherry Blossom Classic – FIDE held in Dulles, VA, organized by the Capital Area Chess from May 22nd to May 27th, 2024. Competing in the Open category, Priyansh demonstrated strong gameplay, scoring 5 out of 9 and showcasing his prowess on the chessboard.

Chess Gaja extends congratulations to all its students for their commendable performances in the recent tournaments. Their dedication, perseverance, and strategic brilliance continue to inspire chess enthusiasts everywhere.

Well done to all participants! We wish you the best of luck in your future chess tournaments.

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