Students Make Chess Gaja Proud!

Students make Chess Gaja proud

The Houston Fall Championship 2021 was a 2-day tournament (October 16-17, 2021) ​held in the Westin Galleria Houston. 33 players competed in the Amateur section and 48 players in the Reserve section. All the Chess Gaja students scored really well and achieved amazing results!

Houston Fall Championship

Championship Section

Vijas Srinivas Anandh was consistent in his performance and maintained his USCF rating. He came fortieth after scoring 1.5/5. He defeated Byjorn Sustento (USCF – 1873) and drew against Jacon T Cherian (USCF – 1800)

Amateur Section

Priyansh Garg not only won the Amateur section but also won all of his games, scoring 5/5. His USCF rating went from 1739 to 1817, gaining an impressive 78 points in a single tournament.

Priyansh Garg

Anish Krishnan came fifth in the tournament, only losing one match in the tournament. He scored 4/5 and his USCF rating shot up from 1493 to 1604, gaining an unbelievable 111 points in a single tournament.

Anish Krishnan

Round 3 had an interesting pairing! Priyansh Garg and Anish Krishnan (two Chess Gaja students) fought against each other to gain another point in the tournament. After an exciting match, Priyansh came out on top and this was the only game Anish lost.

Neil Lad, also maintained his rating and came twenty-first in the tournament. He scored 2/5 and displayed a consistent performance.

Reserve Section

Mihika Krishnan, came eleventh in the Reserve section of the tournament. She scored 3.5/5 and only lost one game against Brandon Sustento (USCF – 1535, second) and drew one against Ata Deniz Ilbars (USCF – 1433, sixth). Her rating went up from 1271 to 1311, gaining 40 points.

Also, Chess Gaja students performed extremely well at the 2021 Texas Fall Open. You can read our other blogs here!

Chess Gaja congratulates all the students and wishes them the best for future tournaments.

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