Students Shine Again At 2021 Texas Fall Open

Two Chess Gaja students played in the 2021 Texas Fall Open (Amateur section) and did extremely well. 31 players played in the 7-round classical tournament.

Priyansh Garg chess

Priyansh Garg scored 5 points and his impressive performance secured him the second position in the tournament. He increased his USCF rating from 1713 to 1755, gaining 42 points. He drew two games and only lost to the winner of the tournament, Ronan P Spelman (USCF 1763).

Saathvik Dasari chess

Saathvik Dasari scored 4 points and came seventh in the tournament. His performance was consistent and he maintained his rating, moving upwards from 1616 to 1620. He won three games and drew two. The only games he lost were against the winner, Ronan P Spelman (USCF 1763) and the Francisco Tort (USCF 1800) who secured the fourth position in the tournament.

An interesting coincidence was the fourth-round match when both the students faced each other! Priyansh and Saathvik played very well and the game ended in a draw.

Chess Gaja congratulates the students and wishes them the best for their future tournaments.

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