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Chess Gaja Champions in Singapore

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We take immense pride in the achievements of numerous players from Singapore who have excelled in chess, thanks to our comprehensive chess courses. These players have not only shown their unwavering commitment to the game but have also demonstrated their competitive prowess on the global stage, earning impressive FIDE ratings along the way.

Their accomplishments highlight the effectiveness of our coaching methodologies, carefully developed by GrandMasters. As we strive to nurture a thriving chess community in Singapore, we are committed to offering accessible opportunities for individuals of all ages and skill levels through our online chess classes.

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All About Our Singaporean Students: Revealing Their Excellence

  • Two of our students, Nguyen Vu Minh and Aurik Joshi, who are from Singapore, have official ratings from FIDE.
  • One of our students won the National Age Group Chess Champions in Singapore.
  • One of our youngest student Vishnu Govindan finishes 5th in Singapore National Kindergarten Chess Championship 2021 click here to read more
Vishnu Govindan from Singapore playing chess with other kid

Overall, chess holds a special place in Singaporean society, celebrated not only for its competitive aspects but also for its role in promoting intellectual development, fostering camaraderie, and inspiring a love for the game among people of all ages and backgrounds.

Chess in Singapore

Singapore Chess Federation (SCF) is the governing body for chess in Singapore. It organizes national tournaments, promotes chess development at various levels, and represents Singapore in international chess events.

Chess Gaja and Singapore National -Chess Tournament

In the previous year’s tournament, several Chess Gaja students achieved excellent results and GM and FIDE Trainer Priyadharshan Kannappan, founder of Chess Gaja had the honor of presenting prizes to the winners. click here to read the full article

Two individuals standing on a stage, one holding a chess trophy, with large banners displaying "National Age Group Chess Championships" in the background. Nearby, additional banners promote chess coaching, enhancing the competitive atmosphere.
Five young chess champions hold trophies, standing in front of banners for the National Age Group Chess Championships, with large chess pieces beside them after winning their sections at a renowned chess coaching event.

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"Every chess Master was once a Beginner" - Irving Chernev


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