Check Out USCF Ranking of Chess Gaja Students

Last month, we wrote about how our US students were ranked in the US Chess Top lists for their respective age categories, and we wanted to continue reporting on those stats for October 2022!

In the U – 7 and under Category – We have two students and one among them is Gurugrahan whose rank is 28.

In the U – 8 Category – We have one student.

In the U-10 Category – We have 4 students in the top category, among these two of them, will come under the Top 30, Vijay – 9, Vihaan – 22.

In the U-11 Category – We have 3 students two among them are Sahithi whose rank is under Regular Top Age Girl 11 – 12 and Priyansh – 23.

In the U-12 Category – We have one student Mihika whose rank is under Regular Top Age Girl – 36.

In the U-14 Category – We have two students, one among them is Vaseegaran whose rank is 20.

In the U-16 Category – We have one student Varun whose rank is 88.

In the U-18 Category – We have one student, Aaryan whose rank is 36.

That’s a whopping total of 15 students from Chess Gaja in the top 100 age category lists!

You can find the US Chess Top player lists here

We are happy to inform you that Chess Gaja is a proud affiliate of the US Chess Federation (USCF)

Wishing our Chess Gaja students to aim for further success in the next ranking list!

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