The 1 application to get better at chess!

Hello Readers,  I will write about a few useful chess resources (Applications, Databases, Engines) that can make you a better chess player in this July 2022 Newsletter blog! Note to the readers: This blog is not an ad or a promoted feature. I just wanted to share with you the tools that I think would be […]

A Great Way to Deal with Things when Playing Chess is not Joyful Anymore

Hello, Let me start this newsletter with a question? What was your first encounter with the chessboard, and was it a positive one? As you rewind your memories, you all would have this positive, joyous feeling gushing through your mind. You would say something magical and joyful about the Chess that attracted you to the game! Do you feel the same […]

Strong Performance in T H Rogers Tournament in Houston

Nivaan and Rishaan with chess Trophy

Two of our Chess Gaja students played fantastic chess in the T H ROGERS TOURNAMENT held on April 23, 2022, in Houston, Texas, USA. The tournament had multiple sections, and we have the results in this article! Nivaan scored 3/4 in the tournament in the 100 K-12 1240-1740 G/40 section, and the loss was against the runner […]

Never Withdraw from a Chess Tournament!

Chess Gaja newsletter

Hello everyone, Welcome to the May 2022 Chess Gaja Newsletter, and it’s me, your friend and coach GM, FT Priyadharshan Kannappan. In this month’s blog, I wanted to talk about withdrawing from chess tournaments and why it’s a bad thing to do! There is a prevalent habit that’s particular to the U.S. Chess scenario! That’s […]

Join the May 2022 Group Class with GM Priyadharshan Kannappan

GM Priyadharshan Kannappan - Group Class

We are happy to launch two new group chess class programs with GrandMaster and FIDE Trainer Priyadharshan Kannappan. Monday Group The classes will be conducted on Monday fromĀ 530-630 PM PSTĀ for the rating level of 1600-1900 USCF. There will be 9 sessions in total over a period of 2 months (May & June 2022) Wednesday Group […]

Join the Chess Gaja Masterclass by Woman GrandMaster Nandhidhaa

We are happy to announce a Master class session with WGM Nandhidhaa P.V on April 26th(Tuesday) at 5-6 PM PST (US timing). The session is FREE for all the Chess Gaja academy students, and students of all chess levels are invited to join this session. WGM Nandhidhaa will show one of her best games and a Q&A […]

US Chess Federation Top Rankings – Chess Gaja Student Stats! April 2022

USCF Chess Gaja rankings

Last month, we wrote about how our US students were ranked in the US Chess Top lists for their respective age categories, and we wanted to continue reporting on those stats for April 2022! In the U-7 or below Age Category, we have Saatvik – Ranked 79th. In the U-9 age category, We have 3 students in the top 30 in […]

Reyaan shows a great performance in his 1st ever tournament!

Reyaan Jones Switzerland Chess

Reyaan Jones, a student of Chess Gaja academy, participated in the Junior Rapid Chess Tournament, an event part of the Swiss Young Masters festival. The event was a 9 round rapid event held on April 16, 2022, in Basel, Switzerland. The tournament attracted 57 participants, and Chess Gaja student Reyaan Jones played in his first-ever […]

Student Performance in 2022 DFW FIDE Premier 2 at Irving, Texas

Collage of Chess Gaja students

Four of our Chess Gaja students participated in the Reserve section of the DFW FIDE Premier 2 at Irving, Texas, from 01 April 2022 to 03 April 2022. Our student Neil Lad scored 3.5/5 points in the tournament. Neil had a tough competition with the opponents but came up with 3 wins in the tournament. Anish Krishnan scored 3/5 […]

182 rating gain by Nivaan in University of Houston Scholastic & Collegiate Chess Tournament!

Chess Tournament Prize Winning

Nivaan Debnath finished 4th in the University of Houston Scholastic & Collegiate Tournament held in Houston, Texas, on April 9, 2022. Nivaan had a very strong performance as he scored 4/5 in the “B” section of the tournament. The only defeat in the tournament for Nivaan was against the eventual winner of the section Nethul Manmitha Perera(USCF – 1737). […]