GrandMaster reflections on the 2022 Chess Olympiad

Hello Students, In the previous blogs, we have looked at various resources that help you improve in chess. We will be coming back to those topics in future blogs. I want this blog to take a different route and discuss about Stamina, Being well rested, and Opening Preparation, topics that might seem unrelated but are […]

Best Puzzle Solving Websites and Podcasts that Makes You a Better Chess Player

Hello! In my last month’s blog, we saw which software and engine would best suit chess improvement purposes! We will look at a bunch of other online resources that provide a lot of value. I regularly visit some of these resources to keep myself up to date with the latest chess information.  Puzzle-solving Most of […]

“Make the Most out of Playing Chess”

Chess is one of the most ancient and royal games that has been played around the world!, and therefore the statement has been true since the days of Kings. Chess was definitely enjoyed by kings. It had been designed to extend the Strategic capabilities of the rulers and increase IQ, which was important within the […]

Tickets for Chess Olympiad 2022 are on Sale!

Most Exciting 44th Chess Olympiad, organizing by the International Chess Federation, will be held in Chennai, India, from July 28 to August 10 . To see the Biggest Chess Event of the year live you can find the tickets on AICF’s official website: Details required for filling out the form: For buying the ticket […]

Chess Gaja founder as National Coach for Brazil in 44th Chess Olympiad

The 44th Chess Olympiad, organizing by the International Chess Federation conducting open and women’s tournaments, as well as several events designed to promote the game of chess, will be held in Chennai, India, from July 28 to August 10 for the biggest chess competition of the year. Among 187 teams participating in the Open section […]

The 1 application to get better at chess!

Hello Readers,  I will write about a few useful chess resources (Applications, Databases, Engines) that can make you a better chess player in this July 2022 Newsletter blog! Note to the readers: This blog is not an ad or a promoted feature. I just wanted to share with you the tools that I think would be […]

Upcoming US Chess Tournaments – June 2022 : A Simple  Guide

The United States Chess Federation organizes various tournaments throughout the year. United States Chess Gaja members can find the Tournaments details of June 2022. 2022 Virginia Senior Open Location :  Dulles, Virginia Date : Friday, June 3, 2022 – Sunday, June 5, 2022 Organizer : Michael E Hoffpauir Information Link : CFCC 2022 Sunshine […]

A Great Way to Deal with Things when Playing Chess is not Joyful Anymore

Hello, Let me start this newsletter with a question? What was your first encounter with the chessboard, and was it a positive one? As you rewind your memories, you all would have this positive, joyous feeling gushing through your mind. You would say something magical and joyful about the Chess that attracted you to the game! Do you feel the same […]

Never Withdraw from a Chess Tournament!

Chess Gaja newsletter

Hello everyone, Welcome to the May 2022 Chess Gaja Newsletter, and it’s me, your friend and coach GM, FT Priyadharshan Kannappan. In this month’s blog, I wanted to talk about withdrawing from chess tournaments and why it’s a bad thing to do! There is a prevalent habit that’s particular to the U.S. Chess scenario! That’s […]