Upcoming US Chess Tournaments – June 2022 : A Simple  Guide

The United States Chess Federation organizes various tournaments throughout the year. United States Chess Gaja members can find the Tournaments details of June 2022. 2022 Virginia Senior Open Location :  Dulles, Virginia Date : Friday, June 3, 2022 – Sunday, June 5, 2022 Organizer : Michael E Hoffpauir Information Link : https://new.uschess.org/2022-virginia-senior-open CFCC 2022 Sunshine […]

Never Withdraw from a Chess Tournament!

Chess Gaja newsletter

Hello everyone, Welcome to the May 2022 Chess Gaja Newsletter, and it’s me, your friend and coach GM, FT Priyadharshan Kannappan. In this month’s blog, I wanted to talk about withdrawing from chess tournaments and why it’s a bad thing to do! There is a prevalent habit that’s particular to the U.S. Chess scenario! That’s […]


“Move in Silence only Speak when it’s time to say Checkmate”   Introverts to Extroverts          The Finest Indoor Game Chess Evolved in our world 1500 years ago. This evolution has made lots of people from all over the world with different religions, cultures, and age groups together. All these people unite on a common […]